Overflowing with Charm

As you enter our home, you will be welcomed by our Yorkies. Come and sit for awhile, you can be sure that your lap won't be empty. Our puppies are used to lots of affection and love to give it! 

They are pleasing to the eye and soothing to the heart! The homey comfort of having a Yorkie adds pure charm and warmth to your home! Our home is overflowing with charm!

Heart of Our Home

Being a decorator by trade, our home has been designed with our Yorkies in mind!  It is a peace filled home and the Yorkies enjoy this cozy, serene setting. They truly are the heart of our home!

Country Home Yorkies

About Us and our Wonderful Yorkies

Country Home Yorkies Yorkshire Terriers

Home Raised

We home raise our Yorkies by hand the old fashioned way! Here in our home, we raise our Yorkies with us and not in a kennel environment. They have the run of the house!

We believe that our Yorkies are a product of their environment! They spend their time together with us resulting in a more unified and stable relationship with people as well as an extremely well adjusted, well mannered puppy! We believe that we are unique because we recognize the tender care that Yorkshire

Terriers need to grow and give fostering compassion to each puppy that we raise in our quiet country environment. Whether it be frolicing on our expansive lawns, gardens or walks in our woodlands with us, our puppies have the benefit of growing up in the fresh air of our private countryside estate.